User accounts are necessary to maintain contact info with our customers. They simply provide an electronic 'Rolodex™' function for us to quickly, and accurately access your contact info. They are created and maintained by you, the customer, and can be updated easily at any time, providing us with the latest data. For your security, no information other than names and addresses shall be stored in our online user account databases and server, and absolutely zero data released to any other party.

Pricing is not published on this site due to the volatility of the market and other factors. It shall be provided to the customer via email or telephone on an individual basis. Designs, layouts, and specs are also provided via email or US mail and are to be considered both confidential and proprietary.

A further note on privacy: Any financial, transactional or other personal/corporate data shall only be stored on our in-house servers, not accessible to the public network. Again, absolutely no data shall be shared or provided to any other party. Payment options include telephone arrangements, check, wire transfer and other secure third party services such as Paypal.

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