We provide professional quality hardware products for Audio Professionals, Musicians, Theaters, Clubs, and DJ’s for use at small to medium sized venues.

Due to the extremely large and diverse world of hardware products, only the most popular are listed on the following pages. Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean we can't get it. Please drop us email for any and all of your needs.

Tour sound:Complete, mobile live sound rigs designed for musicians and custom tailored to meet your needs. Individual components to expand or upgrade your exiting system. Digital or analog mixers, processors, compressors, equalizers, snakes, di boxes, crossovers, power amps, speakers, flying hardware, cases and cables just to name a few. Check the ‘Tour Sound’ section for more information.

Installed sound:Very similar to tour sound above with the exception that the individual components are designed to be permanently mounted or flown at venues such as churches, theatres, and clubs, etc. Cabling for snakes and jacks is permanently run in a manner as to be esthetically pleasing and unobtrusive. Speakers are also chosen and mounted so they will also be esthetically pleasing and unobtrusive while maintaining our performance standards. We can design custom speaker enclosures if no commercially available product meets the customer ’s esthetic criteria. Check out the ‘Installed Sound’ section for more information.

DJ sound:DJ sound rigs are also similar to tour sound above with the following exceptions. Different mixers, front ends, and special effects pads to enhance the DJ experience. Rigs are usually analog, smaller, less powerful, with amps and speakers sized to fit in a van as opposed to a panel truck or semi. Check out the ‘DJ Sound’ section for more information.

Lighting:Mobile lighting equipment for musicians and DJ’s, DMX controllers, floods, spots, fills, washes, ‘intels,’¬†lasers, stands and trusses all designed to make your stage or dance floor come alive and wow the crowd.¬†Of course, permanent installations are also possible. Check out the ‘Lighting’ section for more information. Note: We are also experimenting with choreographed, DMX controlled Christmas lighting and it may someday be offered as a product/service.

Miscellaneous Parts & Accessories:Here you will find audio connectors, power connectors, bulk cable, cabinet hardware, speaker stands, and hardware cases. They allow you to create custom rigs and setups or repair broken ones. Check out the ‘Misc’ section for more information.