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Behringer™ iNuke Remote Control© Version 1.4 Screen Shot
Behringer iNuke Remote Control Screen Shot

Unlock the power of iNUKE DSP with control right from your computer. Connect any iNUKE DSP model via USB and immediately gain access to a whole new level of amplifier control. A must for installed systems and a great way to set up presets for live sound and production environments.

To get to Behringer's latest iNuke Remote Control download, click this iNuke NU6000DSP link. When the page opens, select 'Downloads.' Scroll down the 'Downloads' page almost to the bottom to the 'Apps' section. Click on 'Editor Software' to start the iNuke Remote Control download.

Although not the preferred method, you may also try the following direct link: iNuke Remote Control v1.4.

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