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WavEditor2© is a legacy product written years ago to fill a void in audio editing software. Even though it has been supplanted by free, open source applications such as Audacity, it is still offered today. It features one of the fastest 15 band equalizers available. Other featured highlights include the ability to synthesize stereo from a mono file, synthesize 5.1 or 7.1 from a stereo file, and work with multi-channel PCM files. It also includes MP3Play, a very small & compact player & converter application. Please use this WavEditor2 link or the menu above to visit our WavEditor2 page.

Audacity© is a free, open source audio file editor. Please use this Audacity link or the menu above to visit the Audacity page.

Behringer™ Remote Control© is a software application for controlling their popular iNuke™ DSP series of power amplifiers. Please use this Behringer Remote Control link or the menu above to visit our Behringer Remote Control page.

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